Saturday, January 31, 2015

nineties leopard.

The subject of the return of nineties fashion for me is a touchy one, as I once explained in this post. And in all honesty, not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine myself buying something that is so openly a nineties throwback piece as these booties. But it was a love at first try, and now they are a happy addition to my black shoes collection


Alekk Potter said...

Истите ги имам, си ги подарив за нова година, и да, и мене ми беа #љубов на прво пробување. ^^

Angela Dissected said...

ќе признаам дека отидов во сити мол утредента откако ја видов оваа слика :))) ги имав видено во бела варијанта ама ова беше тоа! фала :*


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