Thursday, December 13, 2012

black heels and revelations .

 no idea where from // Mango // Zara 

Even as I'm writing this post, I can't believe that I actually own 4 (and with words - four) pairs of plain black heels. The last pair, a peep toe heel is not pictured simply because I couldn't even find it among the heaps of shoes in my house.
My fascination comes from the fact that I'm a practical person and buying a, lets say, second pair of blue jeans if the first one you own is in good condition makes no sense at all. The fashion industry doesn't profit from people like me, I tell you. And here I have just the opposite of my believes. Sure, they are different models and for different weather, but all black? Of course black goes with everything, but I've never been afraid of pops of color and rarely go for neutrals.
Musing about the four pairs of black heels made me come to the conclusion that probably by constant shopping in big stores for mass clothes production, my eye has gotten accustomed to familiar shapes and colors so that I can browse selectively and get over with it faster, as I'm not a huge fan of the whole shopping process. Black heels? Check. White tee Check. Blue jeans? Check. Zara you sweet temptress, what have you done to me. 

Which leads me to my point, I need to find small shops, preferably vintage and second hand, where I can find unique riches. 


datismotamednapalacinkadzoni said...

Ааахххх ти ги обожавам сандалките Манго и чевлите Зара *drool* прекрасни се, а кога ќе пронајдеш такви мали продавници веднаш пост, и јас ги барам :) xx

Vera Grguricin said...

ti samo prasaj, ke ti objasnam kade ima :D

Aleksandra said...

I like the way you think. Black is forever, the only things that change are the shape and the textures. Regarding the shopping, I guess it depends on the character, the mood and the age. In time, some things will inevitably change, but the most important things are 1. to stay true to your style, but also 2. never be afraid to experiment. The combination of the two will definitely result in success. And about the second-hand stores, I'm your woman :)

Elena Janevska said...

preubavi cevli,jas kako osoba koja uziva vo sopping posledniov period stanav mrzeliva i bezvoljna-posledniot praznicen soping go dopolni mojot garderober samo so edna maicka i kapce:)

Elena Janevska said...

vaka nesto barate:) i jas bi sakala:)

Gjorgji Orovcanec said...

nice :)

Caitlin said...

You can never go wrong with a good pair(s) of black heels and they never go out of style!



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