Friday, January 24, 2014

plaid is not my color.

Kurt Cobain is dead, and so are the nineties. 

First off, let me point out that I do love the 90s. I loved the Spice Girls, I loved my Nintendo, I cried when the Titanic sank, I was the yellow Power Ranger, and in general they were my happy childhood. I love them like one loves his first kindergarten crush - it was cute but let's keep it as a nice memory.    
But no. The fashion industry is a greedy machine that would devour your sweetest memories to sell a few more pieces (aren't all industries?). We see the revival of old trends all the time, but the reason why the 'return' of the 90s goes on my nerves so much is probably because I am that generation that remembers them but wasn't a teenager crazy about the fashion, and I am definitely not very eager to become now. Do you really want any of these trends to come back?
Sometimes I fell that I am too harsh in my attitude towards plaid shirts because a lot of people have worn them for years, and are their closet staple, but going in a shop today and buying your first pair of plaid shirt? I was in a pub a while ago and there were more than 10 (with words: ten) guys in plaid. My breaking point was a few months ago when I went to Zara and the whole shop was like a 90s fan shop. Who the hell wants to look like Courtney Love today?


Masha said...

Шубо ти стои

Aishling Browne said...

Ha ha yes I definitely share the addiction to plaid and chains. Always a good choice!


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