Tuesday, November 13, 2012

movie night . Factory Girl .

Oh the thrill. Doing even a smallest review of my favorite fashion related movie is quite stressful. Here it goes.
Above all the other aspects of the movie, my warmest compliments go to Sienna Miller and her performance, for capturing the fiery personality of Edie Sedgwick must have been quite a demanding task. The voice, the moves, how fragile and lovable she was. It's almost mandatory after watching the movie to go and watch interviews with Edie, so I say with full responsibility - well done Sienna.
'Factory Girl' focuses on the turbulent years of Edie's life in New York, her rise to fame and her complicated relationships with Andy Warhol and Billy Quinn, a character based on Bob Dylan, who were both fascinated with her unique personality. The turbulent 60s, the parties and the drugs, the fame and the way they influenced a girl with a difficult childhood. Considering the fashion, and the 60s being one of my favorite eras, this movie is a true eye candy. Sedgwick's fashion forwardness and why she was such an icon is perfectly portrayed. And if you share my opinion, I'm sure you'll find this post quite awesome.  

and now, a bit of the real Edie, and all that cuteness 


Kati said...

She is so gorgeous!




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