Sunday, November 18, 2012

sunday inspiration . Timberland Boots .

It's a true rarity when I do an inspirational post about something that I already have. And quite honestly, my Timbs are the most loved winter clothing item I own.
 When that period of the year comes, when you can't wear anything else but snow shoes, being dry and worm is more important than being fashionable. But because you can't forget about looking put together completely, I thought I should write a word or two on how to wear them, what to pair them with. And then I considered my personal experience from last winter, and I can say this - you can wear them with anything. Doing it the old school way with jeans and pants, or being girly with thigh high socks works just fine. 


eve sunday said...

Omg... want them <3

your blog is amazing - followed;)



orovcanec said...

nice boots :)

Andjela Cjeriman said...

kanađanke wau ,kao i te helanke šarene.

Angela Dissected said...

фала :)

Angela Dissected said...

Thanks :)


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