Tuesday, April 10, 2012

my . week . via . instagram . #6

1. Heaven. Not eating the whole can has to be among the biggest life challenges ever.
2. My everyday armswag.
3. Regular dose of awesome pills. Funny how I always get the brightest ones.
4. Lahmacun. Since I find the describing of traditional and oriental meals quite tricky, my best advice is to read about it here. И највеќе ме нервира кога ќе чујам дека го викаат „турска пица“. Овој е од Галерија 7, а јас го препорачувам тој од продавничето до Калуа, во Мавровка. (via Foodspotting)
5. Chicken with rice and corn. And since it was made by me, I guarantee the excessive use of spices, particularly curry and garlic. (via Foodspotting)
6. My brand new, soon not to be so white Converse. Spring can now officially begin. 


Ivana Stojanovska said...

narakvicata na vtora slika e to die for!!!! od kade e ?!?

Angela Dissected said...

Фала, ја купив од Тунис пред многу години :)


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