Sunday, April 8, 2012

sunday inspiration . ENVELOPE CLUTCH .

I have no idea how did this idea ever conceive in my mind, but I firmly believe that an evening bag mustn't have a shoulder strap, meaning it has to be some kind of clutch. I struggled with this for years, since I never mastered the art of going out with a small bag.
And then I discovered these big envelope clutches, which I can stuff with everything I need, and especially with what I don't need - and still look chic and evening wear appropriate. Oh the shapes, oh the possibilities.
А еднаш ваква ташна ми има помогнато да се одбранам од еден многу напорен дечко во Миднајт. Не прашувајте како.


Seeking Style said...

I love envelope clutches!

xo Jennifer

Mathilde CHOLLIN said...

Hi! I really like
your blog, it’s so inspiring ♥
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model and have just started my blogspot. Could you check it out and tell me
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I will certainly follow you back if you do by
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Go on blogging my dear!
x Cheers

Vezilka said...

My feelings exactly! I absolutely adore big accessories and envelope clutches are a must have. I like you selection: classy, but experimental.


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