Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my . week . via . instagram . # 3

1. Sutlijash - a traditional rice pudding. It's made with rice and milk, and cinnamon on top. Have I told you how awesome my mom is?
2. Ultimate boredom - taking pictures of myself in a sweater worn backwards so that it looks like an open back dress.
3. My vintage Dostoevsky complete works collection.
4. Divine deep fry - chicken fingers, chicken wings and onion rings.
5. Brownie!
6. Pancakes with Nutella - heaven. Both eaten at my new favorite spot in town, a patisserie aptly named O la la.


Maria de la Paz Hernandez Bern said...

acabo de conocer tu blog y me ha gustado mucho un beso :)

Sladzi said...

I would never say that on second pic is sweater whic is actually worn backwards.. it looks awesome!!

Deborah D said...

nice post!
Fashion review

SomeLikeItSimple said...

An eye for beauty! I totally want that chocolate cupcake. Like totally. <3 Sarah


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