Sunday, February 19, 2012

sunday . inspiration . RED . SHOES .

Might be just me, but I find that wearing a pair of red high heels is very empowering. Wearing high heels itself gives women a huge boost of confidence, but the magic and passion captured in this color is quite something different.

Monsieur Louboutin has a very interesting theory on this. He says he makes the soles of his shoes red because "they attract men, the way a bull is attracted to a red cape".


SomeLikeItSimple said...

Ok you have me convinced. I need some red heels now! Wanna follow eachother? :]

SomeLikeItSimple said...

Thanks for the follow, I just followed you back! :D

Silvia Cuesta Rl said...

Amazing shoes!!!

Ida said...

Oh, I want a apir of red heels!

WUAS said...

completely fell in love with this post, eep red's my favourite colour yaaay <3 xxx

.saboskirt. said...

These shoes were all awesome. The color is very attractive and sexy.

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Grace Huang said...

oooh, some red shoe love. great post~


Marina Kozlova said...

oh thats soooo cool. Great pics..and thank you for your comment honey!!

x Marina 

Różena said...

Now I want red shoes

vnessinhafelix said...

Hi ange!!!
Yes, red high heels are a power coctail of emotions!!!
And thanks to you NOW I WANT a pair of RED HIGH HEELS!!!!
Anyway.... :)
        *Nessy* (L)

Kupuvaj Skopje said...


Clara Turbay said...

Excellent love it.

Jessica said...

Love all these shoes and my favorite pair of heels are in a great shade of red sequins.

Paula Tasker said...

I love a flash of colour on shoes....I want all of these!!! Love the chunky platforms and the cute bows! 

Jamie A said...

i have a weakness for red shoes! i have more red heels than any other color!

Seekingstyleblog said...

Amazing! I am now lusting after red shoes! lol

xo Jennifer 

kids footwear said...

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