Tuesday, February 14, 2012

movie. night . AN . EDUCATION .

  "An Education" is among my favorite movies for several reasons. First, the time and place - it's set in London, in the 60s, a historical era I'd love to have been born in. Second, which comes out of the first, of course, the fashion. And third, the story. I find it quite moving and beautifully told, the whole coming-to-age process of a young, smart suburban girl who struggles between the formal education her parents encourage her to take, and the not so formal lessons life has to offer.

  And not to forget that Carey Mulligan is impossibly cute and brilliant in her role.


Aishling Browne said...

Loving the 60s outfits!! Great blog btw

Wanna follow eachother? 


Angela Dissected said...

Thank you! Checked out your blog, love it, and following it :)

.saboskirt. said...

Nice post! We love their outfits in here. Cool and sophisticated.:)

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Ida said...

I haven't seen in but now I really want to, it looks like a beautiful movie!

Silvia Cuesta Rl said...

Love that film!!!


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