Tuesday, November 1, 2011

what's . cooking. doc ?

Ha! See what I did there, with the title? I swear, I am so funny at times, I make myself laugh. Or not. Well it's my blog, and it as as I say it is. And I say that I love making people laugh. And I love people, too. But most of all, I love food.
See, I would love to show you what actually came out of my kitchen after the shooting of these photos, but I can't. It's no secret, I just have a problem with shooting food. It's simple - I can't wait to eat it once it's done! Maybe next time I'll put an effort and take a few shots. Can't promise. Don't force me!

Just for the record, it was Spaghetti Ai Funghi, or mushrooms in cream sauce. Delicious. 

Beware of the wooden spoon!

note: Just to be clear about the title. I'm a doctor-to-be in a kitchen. Cooking. Get it? Please get it.


Mihaela said...

Mmm it was delicious :D
You're Awsome :DD


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