Monday, October 31, 2011

equestrian .

(sweater: NewYorker, pants: Bershka, boots: Miss Sixty)

Don't get me wrong. I did not just came back from the stables on these photos. The sad fact is - I don't have a horse. Even sadder, I've never actually ridden one! And I've always wanted to. Horses are such beautiful creatures, so soulful. More importantly, my mother would probably kill me, bury me, than kill me again if I ever dare to walk around on that perfectly polished floor in a pair of boots that have previously been used for riding.
So, it would be either the boots or a horse. Damn, life decisions can be so hard at times.

A person can dream, right? I saw these so-called riding pants a few weeks ago, and thought "Well, I can always pretend I have where to wear them!". Which turned out to be college. And coffee with friends. Who would've thought? *irony*

Details, details.

coat: Springfield

Yep, I do go out in the real world, hence the outdoor equipment. It's scary out there, you know. That's why I own a bunch of brightly colored scarfs. Nothing makes my day like a bright scarf, I swear!


Mihaela said...

You're so wonderfull. And i really like your style :D
Love you <3

Wild Flower said...

Cute! Those boots are amazing, I wish I had a pair too. Such a wonderful look for the cold weather, super inspiring!


Tami said...

You look amazing Angela. I love the boots and the "Bright scarf theory". So true!


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