Friday, November 4, 2011

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Apart from the fact that I've recently discovered and got stuck on Vampire Weekend, this was generally meant to be a post about autumn layering. You know, like.. dissecting an outfit.

I feel it's an important thing to note that I actually do wear that many layers! What can I say, I'm a summer type of person. No problem with the summer heat at all, but come autumn, I turn into a bright bundle of layers. Coats, blazers, scarfs, tights, you name 'em, I've got em'. Oh especially tights. Two pairs at a time.

Let's get started! Layer 1: Basics (two pairs of opaque tights and a blouse)

An off-focus photo of me in tights, doing a silly pose, with a vintage feel - check! 

Layer 2: Warm up (actual pants that make me look fat, a blazer and boots)

Layer 3: Fashion forwardness (leather vest that will probably cause me to feel too warm in heated rooms, and therefore has no function) 

(vest & blouse: Bershka, blazer: Stradivarius, pants: New Yorker, boots: Zara)

Accessories don't count as a layer, but I have to admit, they are the part of the process that cheers me up the most. A person can never wear too many accessories! OK, well, there are exceptions to this rule, but it generally applies to wearing silver stuff. That probably explains why I have so many silver jewelery, and why I wear about 7 different items on these photos. 


Mihaela said...

Great combination , really fashion-forward.
Lots of love <3


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