Sunday, November 6, 2011

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*woot woot*

  Nothing feels as good as having something that radiates with memories. Bonus points if you stole it from one of your grandparents. If you can't, you can always buy a new one and make your own history with it. Just like I will.
  Let's just say I'm a huge sucker for anything vintage. Combined with the fact that I'm one of those people that don't know how to pack light, you can imagine how my normal everyday bags look like. They aren't huge, but they are packed with stuff! The normal inventory includes: phone, wallet, umbrella, books for school, keys, pens, lipstick & mirror, paper handkerchiefs, mp3 & headphones and sunglasses! Special edition packs feature a scarf, a book for boring classes and other stuff that simply can't be classified as unnecessary.
  So that explains why I need a big bag.

  Now, even being in love with vintage stuff as I am, I also admire a good modern twist of something classic. Like the color variations of the classic school bag.

Of which, I currently own a yellow and a brown one. Yay! 

And to whoever invented leather camera bags that look perfectly vintage - I love you! People with a big camera will understand how awesome it would be to have a both stylish and truly functional bag. I mean, isn't this Ona bag to die for?! And how about this one? Love 'em.

photo by Jamie (From Me To You)

When speaking of vintage bags, even though leather ones come first, there is another style that I adore. The Pan Am bag. Don't be surprised. I know you know what I'm talking about. 

See Mr. DiCaprio looking all awesome on this photo? Well let me tell you, it's 'cos of the girls. And their bags.

Started with the classic leather ones, ended with these pretty bright and colorful ones. I rule at gradation. 

So, what's your favorite? 


Mihaela said...

My favourite are vintage leather bags in colours but also The Pan Am bags are also fun and happy :D
<3 for the creativity and for you :D

Joanna said...

love the vintage purses! especially the cambridge looking ones. :) check out my blog and maybe follow me if you like. :)


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