Tuesday, November 15, 2011

feel . good . inc .

What a way to start the day! Or a post.

  Considering these photos, I have to brag a bit that I did the impossible. I actually managed to catch  a few sunny moments in winter! In my home! Yes, I know the pictures would be a lot better if taken outside. Yes, I'm too lazy to do that. Yes, I would go out if offered a cookie.
  Chocolate chip, anyone?
  Though I could kill for a Toblerone right now. 

  Now, I'm a big supporter of the theory that you shouldn't limit yourself to a certain strict style, but when it comes to jewelry, I seem to have my phases. Like a teenager has an emo or punk phase, I've had my wooden accessories one in high school. And now it's silver stuff. Can't get enough.
  It's an evolution, I tell you. For a person that couldn't stand having a single ring on, I'm proud to say that on special occasions, I have worn a grand total of six rings.

The condition of my soles. Ignore it. 

(shirt: vintage, jeans: Mango, shoes: Zara)

  And lastly, I have to tell you how much I like round numbers. Like the 1000 views on this blog. Or the 50 likes on the Facebook page. Man, you gotta love Facebook!
  So, here's a huge thank you to everyone that took the time to peek at what I'm trying to do, click a like or two, comment here and there. You have no idea how much it means to me! I did a little silly dance when I saw the numbers, and cheered like crazy for every like.

  Ај малце и на нашки, бидејќи мислам дека дотичниве 50 лајкови сите се од Македонија. Огромно фала што одвоивте малку од своето интернет време, и направивте да пафтам со рачињата како луда сред Рамстор :)


ilovebananana said...

i love this outfit :) it is very fresh! amazing style!
Have a nice day

Mihaela said...

Really great outfit . And you gotta love those silver things :D
I loooove your high heels . <3

(madein)Faro said...

You are so wonderful !!! And you have a nice home :)

Unknown said...

Your outfit is cute, but I really am in LOVE with your home! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit and love the jewellery too x

fashion kats said...

Great outfit and jewelry!! Love simpple looks!
You look so nice in these photos:)


Night at Vogue said...

Lovely white outfit!

Angela said...

Tu est tres belle! Les photos sont splendides!:)

Angela Donava

Enwelle said...

nice shoes <3


Sandra said...

Really nice blog and I'm going to be your newest follower :)

Sidney Salim said...

Gorgeous! I love your outfit very much. And your indoor photos are absolutely amazing. It's just so hard for me to take picture inside my house.

I'm following you, dear :):

Pose Posh Post

Amazingly Beautiful by Isa Malago said...

so pretty! Im following you


rosapelsblog said...

what a nice outfit so chic

Anonymous said...

just saw this blog. Stunning pictures, very sweet ones prob will read more


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