Thursday, November 17, 2011

redheads . fire . love .

 Words can't even begin to describe my love for red haired girls. It's an aesthetics thing. So that's exactly how I'll show you - through pictures.
And don't forget to click on the song link while you're here.

 ♪ Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire

Something medical was inevitable, of course.

Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes
Christina Hendricks

Louise Ebel (Pandora)

And lastly, Ariel, who is so obviously red, I don't even have to put a color picture of her. Plus, I love the pencil work.



Vivi said...

the pictures are gorgeous and I also think that red and blonde are the best hair colors! ;)) Do you mind giving each other a follow? Just let me know when you followed me and I'll follow back! xo Vivi

Sanzibell said...

richtig tolle bilder, jetzt will ich auch rote haare <3

lieben gruß

Unknown said...

Red heads are amazing, especially Christina Hendricks and Ariel (who was my favourite disney character!)


Simona said...

Nice post, amazing photos!
What about following us each others?
Have a nice weekend :)

Amazingly Beautiful by Isa Malago said...

LOVE the first picture.. all of the pictures are amazing :)

follow me :)


thesecondface said...

Wow these photos are so amazing! One girl prettier than the next!

p.s have a look at my blog, there is a nice ZARA-Giveaway :)

xoxo Magdalena

Cylia said...

red hair is so pretty! and I love the little mermaid on the end:)

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Lovely collection of photos, love that you've included "real" girls like Jane and Louise. :) xxx

The Queen of Hearts said...

I love red heads as well, but most especially when they're natural (I see a few fakers in the bunch). You know, it is predicted that red heads will be extinct within the next 100 years. Pity.

The Queen of Hearts

Agnes Deer said...

I see why you liked my post about Karen Elson! I love redheads, even if I'm not one, it's the best hair color! :) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, come and visit whenever you like :)

Mihaela said...

Great pictures , red hair is really nice and someday if it suits me well i'd like to color my hair , but i would never be the same as the real redheads :D
The girls are wonderfull and really magic like Florence's music :)

Unknown said...

Ahhhh how I love red hair too! My boyfriend has red hear and I ADORE HIM for it! I love red hair and freckled.hehe amazing pic's by the way! I will be following you, check out my blog :) xoxo

Its Mine I Made It said...

thaaanks for your comment. i lovee your blog im already following :)
your pictures are just too amazing. great job

love alex xo


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