Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday . inspiration . PETER . PAN . COLLARS .

  Mmm Peter Pan Collars! Well aren't they adorable? I got so excited while looking at all those pictures on the Internet, that I forgot to copy all the links! I'll do my best though, but my guess is that half of them are from Asos.
  I've started with the basics, white dresses, because they symbolize the playfulness and innocence that was probably the initial inspiration for this style. 

  And now my favorites! The black version. There is something awesome in taking a thing that was meant to be cute and make it sexy. In a non-vulgar way, of course. I know you know who it reminds you of. I just know it! No? Well here's the inevitable photo of the master of these dresses, Miss Darkness & Cuteness..

 *Wednesday Addams*

  That was all for the classics. Now on to the more fashion forward variations of this style. Let's start from the easiest - shirts!

all from Asos, of course

  And for some serious versatility - detachable collars and collar shaped jewelry. Boy oh boy am I excited just by looking at them. Must. Buy. One! ASAP!
You didn't think you'd get away without something extremely vintage, I hope!

neck candy by DANNIJO

  And the best for last, as my favorite Peter Pan collar girl, the one who wears it best, I give you..

Alexa Chung

Also, for more eye candy how to style a dress like this, check out one of my favorite bloggers, Kaylee, wearing her awesome dress here.

So, what are your thoughts? Which ones do you prefer? Do you own a pair or two?


Mihaela said...

I love the first ones with the white dress , and also Kaylee's collar :D

Agnes Deer said...

I love Peter Pan collars, they are just great. I guess I'm also greatly influenced by Alexa Chung. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I put up my collages in a page called Polyore ( You just have to register and you can start creating, it's really easy. They've got the clothes, backgrounds and fonts! Come to the blog and visit again whenever you like! :)

Wild Flower said...

Aw, how sweet of you girl! I love peter pan collars, they are one of my absolute favorites! Great post, I really like the white ones at top, need them in my wardrobe! :)


fashion kats said...

it's an amazing trend!!
Love it! Great post!


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