Thursday, April 25, 2013

white lining .

blouse: Zara, skirt: Bershka, sneakers: Converse

I swore that this will be my first and last blog post with mobile phone pictures, and here I am breaking that promise. I just had to capture this path that I've been walking up and down for the last four years. Hard are the days of college.
Државна, ти си едно ужасно место, ама јас те сакам. 


LiLy Rahilka Kukovska said...

Preubava kako i sekogas!
Autfitot sovrsen za ovue denovi!


Angela Dissected said...

Благодарам мила :)

Aleksandra said...

You make the simplest pieces become a screaming outfit. Less is more and you prove that for the 1.000th time. Again, your smile is your best accessory :)

Angela Dissected said...

тенкс :***


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