Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday . inspiration . FLORAL . PANTS .

So you've managed to reach the end of this practically endless post. Good. It means that you either really, really like floral pants like me, or just kept scrolling so you would see if it ever ends because you're really stubborn, again like me.
Either way, I have to tell you that I honestly can't remember why I've never owned a pair of these! Maybe I've consider them too kitschy for my taste before, but I take that back. Paired with other plain, toned down pieces, they're a perfect spring/summer addition to any closet. My favorites are the slightly faded, pastel ones, like these. Yes, I dare post yet another picture link. I'm so bad ass.
И некоја идеја каде да најдам кај нас?


тами said...

sadly, кај нас никаде :/

Mihaela Janevska said...

кај мене во шкаф ! :))))))))

Јована said...

Ги има сега во New Yorker.


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