Wednesday, April 25, 2012

prague . via . instagram

  1. The mandatory new cosmetics before any traveling/vacation. 
  2. This is how I roll. My latest addiction - chocolate and orange bars, just in case I get hungry, and I do. A lot
  3. First night in Prague. The most heart warming hot chocolate I've ever had, I swear. 
  4. Boy oh boy, do I love this city.
  5. Trdelnik - a traditional Czech sweet. Loved it so much, I ate two. 
  6. Czech beer. 'Nuff said. 
  7. Flags armswag!
  8. International Food & Drinking Party. Yes, I was in heaven, and I came back. I can tell you they have Swiss fondue, flaming Mozartkugeln and French wine. 

  So yes, I was in Prague last week for the EuRegMe, an IFMSA (International Federation Of Medical Students' Associations) meeting for medical students from throughout Europe. Maybe I'll do a whole post on it, maybe not, but either way, I came back with quite broader horizons, awesome new acquaintances and with the conclusion that I simply have to spend at least a part of my life living in Prague. 


Sarah said...

I loved Prague when I went too (especially the beer, haha). It's so picturesque and relaxing to be there. And definitely, make up is essential when travelling, when I go I always raid the duty free, hah. xo


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