Saturday, January 5, 2013

style icons . Miranda Kerr

 ♪ Hair - Aquarius





Somehow it really pleases me when a model has a good off duty style. Miranda is a great example of a supermodel turned supermom and always dressed perfectly. We know that whatever she wears will pass, but it's nice to see those VS legs in stylish outfits from time to time. And her kid, well that is most definitely the perfect accessory. 


Sanja Velkovska said...

Колку ја обожавам, не е свесна! Многу и’ се восхитувам :)

Rose said...

Mnogu mi e ubava i stil ima mnogu ubav, sto i da oblece i stoi preubavo :)

Rachel said...

ahhh she is always so darn perfect! never a hair out of place! xx

Македонски моден блог said...

Somehow it really pleases me when a model has a good off duty style.
Комплетно се согласувам.
Само затоа што се во модната индустрија не мора да значи дека автоматски имаат стил.
Миранда е пример за модел полн со креативност и храброст за несекојдневни кежуал комбинации.
Сакам кога гледам дека некој ја носи облеката, а не обратно.

Поздрав! :)

Abigail Castro said...

She always looks great and her pants are amazing!

Hope you can check out my blog as I’ve featured Miranda Kerr’s
street style. I’d love to know what you think. If you want to follow each other
on GFC, just give me a buzz too!

Biswabhusan Panda said...

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