Sunday, August 19, 2012

sunday inspiration . SEQUIN JACKET .

I'm guessing that if you, unlike me, own an embellished jacket, might have it sit in your closet on account of feeling you have no where to wear it. So unless you are going to a costume party, there are a few tips to help you incorporate this statement piece in your everyday wardrobe.
Mix your sequins with something more casual, let's say jeans and a plain button down. Pair it with basic colors, so nude beige is perfect to keep the spotlight on the sequins. For fashion forwardness, wear a breton shirt under it, or pair it with more unfeminine textures, like chambray, military or flannel. 
The key to not going overboard is to let the sequins be the main part and a giant jewelry piece, so toning it down is most important. Unless you want to be a walking Christmas tree decoration, of course. 


Varja said...

Си барам :/

Aishling Browne said...

Love this post! Blake Lively's outfit is a winner for me - love some of the gold/bronze sequin jackets too!

Irina said...

Love the sequin jackets :)


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