Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunday . inspiration . BRETON . SHIRT .

What a moment. Just as I am putting this post together, I realize that I still haven't found my perfect breton shirt. I can't believe it. It's in my top five must have closet staples, and I don't have it. My life has no meaning, I tell you.
Just look at it. So chic, so basic yet stylish. And yes, it's probably safest just to buy it in every color combination, length and thickens of stripes. 


vnessinhafelix said...

Hi Angela!!! :)
Sorry, I know, I don't came here in centuries... But I've been really busy...
I like your inspiration post, but that was a little thing I would change: the horizontal stripes... Seriously?? Why isn't it fashionable to wear vertical strips?? Why can't I find them anywhere??
But I really love the 1st image: made me laught!!! :)
*Nessy* (L)

The Nautical Company said...

Hi Angela,
Thank you very much for attaching the link to our picture. Glad to see that you like your stripes as much as do. Hope you find your perfect Breton shirt soon. If you need any inspirations, you know where we are. A Bientot :)


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