Friday, August 3, 2012

istanbul . via . instagram .

our favorite lemonade at the university cafeteria // heaven in the form of turkish delight shops
happy feet at the pool // special polish caramels 
tavuk doner (chicken sandwich) // fistikli baklava (baklava with pistachios) 
the finest turkish beer // dessert at our favorite bakery 
apple pie with vanilla ice cream // after beer and water, this was my most consumed drink
the best Efes beer, no doubt // chocolate lava cake 
turkish tea // extra stuffed pizza 
all I need on a hot day round the city // you may not see it, but this is in fact a waffle
künefe - the best turkish dessert, filled with cheese inside // more Efes, in fact the first one I had the day we arrived
all of my sun protection in one place // yes, more waffles 
tulumba, more of the perfect turkish desserts // on the Solar Beach
pizza is always welcome after a day on the beach // coca cola in a cool can, too



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