Sunday, May 13, 2012

sunday . inspiration . STATEMENT . NECKLACE .

OK, I'm not completely serious about this one, but it's only to get your attention. And it's not that far from what I mean.
I'm talking about a necklace that's so bold, it's more than a jewelry piece, that's a part of the outfit just as jeans or blazer or dress. A necklace that would turn even a plain white tee into an awesome outfit.
And as with most of the Sunday Inspirations, I don't own one. I'd love to have all of DANNIJO's, though.


Isa said...

Love all the extra large necklaces! They all add a fresh and sophisticated air to the outfit


Terra said...

Beautiful pieces love the colors!


Sugarhoneybaby said...


Paula Tasker said...

I love this post, what an amazing collection of statement necklaces! I'm with you, a bold necklace can completely make an outfit and there are lots around at the moment it's so hard to decide which one to wear! 

Simona said...

Уфффффф обожавам!!! Сите ги сакам, сите! :D


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