Sunday, May 6, 2012

sunday . inspiration . BACKLESS . DRESS .

For some reason, I can only remember two particular backless dresses that have been marked in my memory as perfect, even though there are much more lavish and unique ones. Number one is a dress Sienna Miller wore in 'Factory Girl', and number two is the dress Hilary Swank wore when she won the Oscar for 'Million Dollar Baby'.
As for me, since I don't own one, I've been managing with an open back shirt, and once, in desperation, I wore a sweater backwards, which went pretty well, except for the uncomfortable feeling I had that it would unbutton any moment. 


Ivana Stojanovska said...

mnogu elegantno i nekako poubavo e so gol grb otkolku nisko dekolte ;)

xoxo, Ivana

Angela Dissected said...

Апсолутно се согласувам :)

sahar said...

These are such gorgeous and inspiring pictures :) I love when the back of a dress is even prettier than the front. 

theMADcreationist said...

Great post! ;)

Simona said...

Agree! Dobra inspiracija za leto!


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