Wednesday, December 31, 2014

sparkle season.

May it be a happy one and may we make it a good one. 

Well. In all honesty, making a post with the subject being solely the celebration of New Year's Eve must be at the bottom of the list of things I thought I'd be doing. To say that I despise it is an understatement, but not the celebration itself as much as the social pressure of doing something, and most of all, the apocalyptic behavior and zombie-like shopping.
Specifically speaking of holiday shopping, it is inevitable to notice the never changing trend of every brand possible to produce that most irritating New Year's collection which never ever fails to be black and sparkle (помешај ове ночи црну и златну по нашки). Basically, the fashion industry is telling you that your creative freedom is down to choosing the amount of sparkle on your black, and after some very profound musing over this (sarcasm), I offered myself these options:

dress: Zara, jewelry: everywhere

Option 1: Go with all black, and throw all your jewelry on it. It's mainly what I do on a regular day, but since NY has to be 'the craziest night', show people just how crazy you can be.

top: Suite Blanco

Option 2: Do what everybody else does. Pick a piece that already has all the sparkles in the world sown on, and don't worry 'bout a thing. 



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