Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zuhair Murad Couture Fall '13 .

While some couturiers found inspiration in the garden this season, Zuhair Murad turned his attention to the woods. His Fall 2013 Couture collection is called "Enchanted Forest," and the thoroughly decorated gowns and suits in it fit that description faithfully. The green beading of a long-sleeved cocktail dress perfectly portrayed the moss that collects on tree trunks, and embroidered vines and branches stretched across more than a few gowns. 
Murad's enchanted forests had a faint kinship to last season's gold tones. The couturier just replaced it with gemstone tones of garnet, sapphire, jet and emerald, pewter and burnished silver for metals. He was trading between two key themes - the pleated lamé, deployed to architectural effect, and the overtly gothic, marked by lace, those Victorian necklines, and lots and lots of hand-beading in the shape of barren tree branches.
Seeing the show, one could easily picture these gowns finding their way in the costumography of a fantasy movie, particularly worn by a enchanting, seductive witch. In that context, the only remark to Murad's show is the setting - it should have been a more mystical background instead of a Paris showroom. 



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