Sunday, October 14, 2012

sunday inspiration . TRANSPARENT BAG .

To be fully honest, a transparent bag is one of the things in fashion that I first mocked and couldn't accept, but in time I kind of got used to it, and now love it. It's the perfect embodiment of minimalism, and a solution to all the 'I can't find this or that in my bag'. By owning it, you'll learn to pack light and not have everything necessary for a nuclear war in it. 


Vintage Clothing Fashionista said...

It is great to see this in fashion now. lol, it brings back memory when I first started as a shop girl AGES ago, we all had to wear transparent bags so no one would shoplift!
This is hilarious, don't think I will be wearing one, not because of those silly memories, but because I carry way too much in my everyday suitcase.
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