Thursday, May 24, 2012

movie. night . JANE . EYRE .

  Even though Austen is my personal favorite from these early feminist writers, the Bronte sisters have their own flair that I like. Speaking of 'Jane Eyre' specifically, it's that depth of character no female writer of that era could accomplish. When reading it, you simply must feel Jane's miseries, be compassionate and live through her suffering.
  And in my opinion, Mia Wasikowska does a splendid job portraying this tormented girl. In other aspects, I wouldn't say this version differs from any other.
  Speaking of the fashion and the costumes, I must point out that the 1840s is one of my least favorite periods in the history of fashion. So bland and shapeless, it gives me the impression that they are wearing carpets and curtains at times. The only reason why I consider the costumography of this movie worth praising is because it's flawless. I may not like the period, but it's a job well done.



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