Saturday, April 28, 2012

my . week . via . instagram . #7

  1. Baklava, straight from Istanbul. My parents went there for the weekend, and brought me and my sister a whole package, freshly made the same day. Perfection, especially those with pistachios.
  2. Anti-hemophilia medicine, 600 euros for each shot. Или 37.000 денари. Mind-blown.
  3. My masterpiece - all five nails in different shade of red.
  4. Finger painting with my sister.
  5. Nutella pancakes at "O la la". Need I say more?
  6. Extra sweets on the house, while we were waiting for the pancakes. It's even sweeter when it's free, I swear. И некој збор за принцес крофни? :)
  7. Mozartkugeln. Oh those multilayered chocolate marzipan devils!
  8. I ate the chocolate orange one, and the others are a chocolate vanilla pudding, and a cheesecake. И во овој свечен момент изјавувам дека чизкејкот во Гирадико е најдобриот во Скопје. Ако има некој со поинакво мислење, го замолувам да каже, бидејќи во тој случај ќе морам веднаш да го барам тој подобар чизкејк :)

  It would be safe to conclude now that I think, talk, blog, post pictures, tweet, and generally eat a lot of sweet stuff. I can't help it people! The taste, the aesthetics, the moment. I hope you don't mind.


jimmi lou said...

Lots of lovely food here, I love week in photo posts, they always make me hungry though!

Ivana Stojanovska said...

mmmm baklava...nemam jadeno odamana! dobro bi mi dosla edna sega! ;)

xoxo, Ivana


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