Saturday, January 11, 2014

the week of casual.

 Sometimes I really fell sorry for my blog, as if it were a living creature. I even have the need to apologize to it. Dear blog, I am sorry for neglecting you for so long, but moving out/traveling/having abnormal routine/life happened. Also, I absolutely hate bad lit, low quality photos on horrible backgrounds and I am absolutely aware that these are exactly like that, but I had the need to start from somewhere. 
So the start happened with the realization that the primary goal I had when I created the blog was not to impress anybody with my style, but rather to follow and encourage it's evolution. And for me, the definition of a personal style is not what you wear to special occasions, but rather what you reach for in the morning before your first coffee. Following that thought, I took selfies of my outfits that I wore to class for every day of the week.  
If I could make a little summary, I would point out the fact that has been well known to me for years - I very, very rarely sacrifice comfort for fashion, and the progression of my style has always been in the direction to find ways to stay comfortable, yet not be in pajamas. And since I have some time left of being a student stuck in classes for most of the day, the only change I need is maybe a new pair of boots. 




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