Wednesday, October 10, 2012

istanbul via museums .

top & pants: Mango, sandals: Zara

I am a true museum rat, I admit. I could spend hours and hours in poorly air conditioned rooms just to look at statues, sarcophagi, paintings, mosaics and whatever antique things you give me.
To contribute to the overall perfect Istanbul experience, here I am in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and Hagia Sophia.


Psycho Cat said...

Great pictures (black and white one is amazing) and I like your pants, nice color.

Simona said...

Леле, убавини, ти блазесвам! Преубави слики имаш! :)

Angela Dissected said...

Фала :)

Angela Dissected said...

Thank you :)

Sanja Velkovska said...

Омилен град! Нај нај! :)


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