Sunday, August 12, 2012

sunday inspiration . PEPLUM .

All the serious things I might have written here about the peplum skirts and shirts just have no point after putting this photo. It's brilliant and I just can't stop laughing at the option of actually using it as shown above.
Anyway, even though aesthetically appealing, I do believe it's quite tricky to pull of. Firstly, it has to be paired with very tight pants so that it wouldn't visually enlarge your figure, and secondly, it has to be just the right size - not too big so that it won't look puffy and not too small to look like your shirt got stretched.
Probably the perfect one would be the one that can hide your booze. 


Tamara Stojcevska said...

Ми се допаѓа што не е сезонски тренд , туку во зависност од материјалите и боите може да се носи неколку сезони. Ми се свиѓаат мнг блузите со цевка панталона perfecto ! :)


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