Sunday, April 1, 2012

sunday . inspiration . WHITE . BLAZER .

It could have been a post generally about blazers, since they are one of my favorite closet staples, but I already own three, and these inspirations are usually a product of my obsession and craving towards a certain piece of clothing or accessory.
Yes, I want a white blazer! It gives a boost to any casual outfit, and makes any dressed up attire - chic. It goes absolutely perfect paired with just about anything, and there's this certain vibration of, I don't know - aristocracy? As in "I'm wearing a white blazer, I am by default so much better than you".


Fiorenza said...

lovely post perfect blazer!!
follow each other??

kisskiss from italy


vnessinhafelix said...

Hi, beauty!!
Yes, any blazer gives you a certain touch of "I am better and more fashionable than you" :)
When you buy yours by me one too!!! They are sooo pretty!!! :)
Kisses, *Nessy* (L)

Aishling Browne said...

Oh wowsers. This is such a good post! My white/cream blazer has been abandoned in my wardrobe for far too long - this is just the inspiration I needed! =)



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