Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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shirt: Springfield, vest: Bershka, pants: Calliope, watch: Swatch, boots: Timberland

  I could be all cool and act famous when I share the news, but since it's unlike me, I'll admit that I'm running and screaming and banging my head on the table - I've been featured on Skopje Urban Style! It's my city's street style site, and I've had them bookmarked since day one, and check it out at least three times a day.

  Во позадина, „Скопје 2014“ во полн ек. Чисто да нема забуни каде сме сликани. Скулптури, скелиња, знамиња. И пак го сакам градов!

  I was thinking whether I should be selfish or not, and decided not to be. So, next to me is Nikola, a friend, colleague, and my better half. Don't tear him apart with friend requests! Just kidding, do that. And we both swear that we don't color coordinate with our clothes, it was quite spontaneous. 

  The inevitable "behind the scenes" shenanigans. Any other person would be glad that the normal photos were posted, and so was I, for a brief moment. And then I couldn't resist the temptation of publishing these, too. 
  A huge thank you to the girls form Skopje Urban Style for sending me the rest of the photos, and for not complaining that I'm boring them with the request :)


skopje/urban/style said...

задоволството е наше:) tnx for the lovely words and for being such a loyal fan - skopje/urban/style:)))

ej277 said...

go prepoznavme nasiot ubav grad pokraj celiot toj kic i za mene e nezamenliv....prekrasna kombinacija

Sandra said...

lovely, casual look! perfect for a trip :)


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