Friday, February 3, 2012

elie . saab . spring . 12'

   Saying that I know nothing of haute couture would be quite an understatement, for I neither follow fashion weeks, nor trends, or any designers in particular, and often don't understand the purpose of creating clothes that even Lady Gaga would think twice before wearing.
  With that said, it's understandable that it takes quite something incredible from the world of high fashion to catch my attention. Like, let's say, this Elie Saab collection! The first time I heard about him was when Mila Kunis wore this dress, which I absolutely fell in love with. Just like that dress, this whole collection is something of a Disney princess' wardrobe, but with a modern flare, so that normal girls would want to wear it without feeling too puffy. At the same time they look unreal and fairy-like, but I can imagine myself owning each and every one.
  Yes, I'd love to be a modern fairy.

P.S. I had such fun color-coordinating this post!


Ida said...

I jusy want to go to prom/get married everytime I see something Elie Saab! Love the sorbet-colours!

Angela Dissected said...

Completely agree with you! :) 


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