Monday, January 9, 2012

my . week . via . instagram .

  1. Forgot my key at home, had to wait for my dad to come and rescue me from sitting hopelessly in front of the door, yet using our wi-fi. A truly unforgettable experience.
  2. Multivitamin and vitamin C. My never ending efforts to live a healthy life.
  3. Why all my efforts fail.
  4. My awesome set of text highlighters. If only my knowledge was just as awesome.
  5. Le Coin. A Christmas Eve tradition in my country, where we bake bread with a coin in it, and whoever gets the piece with it, will be blessed with a year of good luck. And I got it, yay! Ова е гарант најлејм објаснување у светот на објаснувањата!
  6. Ritter Sport chocolate and all is well again. Yogurt. 



Anonymous said...

Must have been quite an experience being locked outside! Reminds me of one time when I got home and the electricity was down, and I sat on the hallway for three hours waiting for maintenance using my neighbour's wi-fi :p

Angela Janevska said...

You've had quite an adventure, too! Using the neighbor's wi-fi - such a pleasure every time. Serves them right for all the noise they make! I should do it more often :)  

lynnette said...

Hi there! :D oh wow i just stumbled upon your blog and guess what! We have 2 things in common already! I'm a medical student as well (but i'm not really liking it ><) and I also did a similar "this week in instagram" post a few posts back (that must've been sometime a few months ago...) But seriously? :D how cool is that! 

I know how food can make things so much better too! Yay to Ritter Sport.

Angela Janevska said...

I've been looking through your blog, and I have to say, apart from medicine and Insagram, what we have in common the most is - food! Which reminds me, I have to put more delicious food photos here :)

Perla Estrada said...

I have never heard of that tradition! I want to try it! 
Too bad knowing myself, and my terrible eating habits, I would probably end up eating the coin as well...

Angela Janevska said...

I think it's an Eastern Europe tradition, not very common.. I eat a lot, but trust me, the competitive spirit in this case tops the desire to eat everything on the table. You can do that after the coin is yours :)

Swagga S said...

I love ritter sport!! Yoghurt- my favourite!! :)


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