Saturday, January 28, 2012

my . week . via . instagram . # 2

1. Had a truly blissful moment while I was waiting for the bus - I could sense a faint smell of fresh oranges on a cold winter day, in the middle of the city center. So I took a picture of oranges when I got home. Brilliant, I know.
2. Two little piglets that are on my work desk all the time.
3. My favorite decoration on our Christmas tree, taken moments before my mom un-decorated it and packed them for next year.
4. It's snowing. Duh!
5. Rice with butter and spices. I did it myself, so proud!
6. Regular dose of antibiotics, since I got sick again. Aren't they adorable?


Ej277 said...

pobrzo da ozdravis....oriz..mmmm..go spremam na milion nacini:)

Angela Dissected said...

Фала :)


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