Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i'm . no . audrey .

  I wouldn't want to dwell too deep into the mysterious corners of my mind, so I'll keep it simple. My point here is that, yes, I can wear a dress. A very feminine one, too. Do I feel like an actual lady while wearing it? Sometimes, yes. Do I enjoy the fact that I'm deceiving everyone around me that they've met a girly girl, when in fact, I'm quite a clumsy tomboy? Secretly, yes. Do I think it suits me well? After a bit of self-persuading, another yes.
  But I've never fully embraced the concept of picturesque beauty. I mean, what good is a dress that doesn't make me feel comfortable and confident, just for the sake of looking good in pictures? So I can freely say that this one does both, and I love it.

Pure cuteness nails, done by my even cuter sister


Natural hair color, thank you very much!

(dress: Mango, heels: Bershka)


Annalise said...

You look very cute in that dress and I love the socks and heels.

Mihaela said...

Amazing combination , you really have a good style. I like the socks and heel combo ,it's really vintage :D

Unknown said...

Ah how cute are those nails (:

Like your blog, would love you to check out mine too (: Always following back.

swagga. said...

Really nice dress and so cute nails <3


Elizabeth said...

those nails are ultra cute! I want to do that with mine but I have to pick up some white nailpolish.

lynnette said...

I LOOOVE POLKA DOTS! >< Seriously, I've been going through a polka dots phase for awhile now haha and my boyfriend's always like, ENOUGH WITH THE DOTS! hahahha but I can't help it. :D they're such a great pattern. Those are awesome nails! Do you and your sis do each others' nails all the time? 


Angela Janevska said...

Thanks! I've been going through a polka dot phase - my whole life is that phase!

Well, my sister is the crafty one, so she does mine from time to time, I just like my nails to be cute :)

Lindsey Turner said...

Cute outfit! I love your sock/heel combo!

 Lindsey Turner

stacysaddleshoes said...

cute dress. those white socks
are adorable.where did you get them? they would look great with your oxfords

Vezilka said...

This is by far my favorite outfit I've seen you in. I'm a sucker for polka dot pattern, dresses and red shoes, so... :) Simply lovely :)



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