Tuesday, November 8, 2011

edie .

Edie Sedgwick 

I feel it's only right to warn everyone early in the history of this blog that I adore Miss Sedgwick, and that there'll probably be tons of pictures of her here. I mean, look at her. What's not to love about that beautiful, fragile creature that would melt your heart just by batting her eyelashes? 

How Sienna Miller did it..

It's not like I'm trying here to do a really meaningful post about why I love her so much (patience, patience). For today, let's just say that I can't get enough of this ballet photo of hers, and the wonderful way Sienna Miller did it "Factory Girl". Yeah, I can obsess over a picture at times. Sue me. 

..and how I tried to do it.

Just now, as I'm writing this, it finally hits me just how ridiculous my failed attempt is. Oh well, all for the sake of a good laugh.


Mihaela said...

I looooove Edie . And you are funny :DDD

La Mode Operandi said...

hahah! very cute! I liked it, it made me laugh, but in a good way. Its good to have a sense of humor about things. and by the way, very nice room!


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